Millstone Pottery produces a wide range of carefully hand-crafted pots using the broad spectrum of clays and firing techniques, including functional tableware, terracotta garden pots and birdfeeders, washbasins, tiles, platters and bowls, as well as large and small decorative raku dishes, cylinders and vases.

They explore all the different firing techniques and make pots using both high temperature and low temperature techniques. They are particularly interested in the whole process of wood-firing and have built four wood-firing kilns under their kiln sheds.

The studio and showroom are open seven days a week and visitors are welcome to browse and enjoy the environment. There are also wood-firing workshops for people wanting to experience this ancient and time-honoured process.


The wood-fired pots are fired to 1350°C in a reduction-rich atmosphere, creating natural fly ash glazed surfaces. They have been experimenting with a wide range of traditional wood-fired glazes and slips.


Salt glaze is a technique whereby salt is introduced into the kiln, splitting the sodium from the chlorine. The sodium attaches itself to the the silica in the clay body creating different effects depending on the clays and slips used. These can range from the more traditional orange peel textures to high gloss streams of molten ash runs.


Pots for gardens which both enhance the garden and complement the plants.


Our oxidised pots are fired in an electric kiln to 1300°C. We use a small palette of oxides to produce coloured glazes for a feast of functional, domestic tableware.


We have undertaken many commissions and enjoy working directly with a clients’ specific needs in mind.


Raku is fast-fired, low temperature, decorative ware with a porous quality which explores a ceramic fault, creating its random crackle-glaze appearance.