Millstone Soaps are handmade with natural, pure and locally-sourced ingredients, using the cold process method from a base blend of extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil. Other oils with exceptional moisturising qualities are added to the base and the soaps don’t just clean, they moisturise while they clean! They are safe for use on all skin types, as well as by vegans.

The soaps have been made Paul and Nina’s daughter, Sarah, since 2010 and form a big part of their passion for the environment and healthy living. Various essential oil blends are added to produce a range of 12 different soaps. More recently, they’ve partnered with Boet Beer Brewery in Robertson to produce a beer soap, as well as a shaving and shampoo soap, and with Khoisan Salt Company to create a salt soap.

If you’d like to order soap or find out more, please email